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  • If you haven’t stayed at Seoul Guesthouse, you can’t say you’ve been to Seoul. <Confucius. I swear it.>

  • A great place to meet ‘n’ swap information.

  • Better is not enough. Be different!

I am a guesthouse host who has full licenses including

  • Tour guide license

  • Domestic tour guide license

  • Overseas tour conductor license

  • Certificate of Practical Ability as a touragency operator

  • Authorized driving tour guide with license.

  • We provide an all-in-one-service for you which includes the airport pickup and providing a guesthouse, city tours, and airport sadoff service and much more!

Seoul Guest House Fare 3F

  • Additional bedding & blankets: 15,000 won

  • In case of using Pickup + Guest House Package, Guesthouse fare will be 30,000 won per night (private room), 80,000won (family room 4beds)
    (when contacted directly, not thru agent or middleman)

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Address: #301 (3rd Floor), Samyang-Ro 40, Seongbuk-Gu, Seoul

  • The showerhead of our guesthouse has a filter which can get rid of heavy metals, chlorine, and rust.

  • Our guesthouse is just about within 3 minutes’ walking distance from Gireum Station, Line 4 Blue Line, so it’s very convenient.

  • It’s just 10 stops away from Itaewon Station, which is a great multinational street, and each stop only takes about 2 minutes

  • It’s just 8 stops from Dobong Mountain Station (16 minutes), and 9 stops from Surak Mountain Station (20 minutes) and is good for hiking.

  • It’s just 1 stop away from the Sungshin Womens’ University, 2 stops from Hansung University, 3 stops away from Hyehwa Station, and are great for a gadabout

  • It’s just 4 stops from Korea University Station and 4 stops from Dongdaemun Station.

  • It’s just 16 stops from the heart of Seoul in Gangnam Station and 14 stops to Hongik University Station.

  • It’s just 7 stops from Myeongdong Station and 9 stops from Seoul Station.

  • It’s just a 5 minute drive to the night club, 6 minutes to CGV movie theater, 7 minutes to Homeplus big box store, 8 minutes to Hyundai Department Store, and 10 minutes to E-Mart megamart.

  • Tour around GuestHouse by car: 10,000 won / hour

  • Grocery shopping with car: 10,000 won / hour

Private Room ( 1 – 2 Persons )

Family Room ( 4 Beds )

Shared Terrace & Bath Room

Various Facilities Around Guest House (Within 3 Min.)

Subway Station, Police Station, Pharmacy, Massage Shop, Delicious BBQ Restraurant, Convenience Store, Dance Academy, Nail Art (Hand, Foot), Church, Hair Salon, 24/7 Pet Clinic, Pizza Shops, Chinese Restraurants, Table Tennis Club, Dying Hair Shop

Around Guest House (within 5 -7 min.)

Elementary School, High School, Park, Paris Baguette, Subway, Lotteria, Baskin Robbins Ice Cream, Dunkin Donuts, Cosmetic Shops (Aritaum, Olive Young, Innisfree), Fried Chicken Places, Hana Bank, Nong Hyup Bank, Woori Bank, Kimbap & Snack Shops, Korean Pork Hock Delivery Service, Super Market, Tteokbokki Shops, Thai Restraurants, Coffee Shop, Butcher’s Shops and More

How to Get to the Seoul Guesthouse

Photo Hashtag Event

If you post photos of your guesthouse experience on your social media (like Facebook, Instagram, etc.), and you send the link to us using the hashtags below, you get a 5,000 won discount on your next night’s stay!

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Friend Referral Event

If you refer a friend, you get 5,000 won in cash on a per-day basis!
If your friend stays 3 days, you get 15,000 won!
If they stay 1 week, you get 35,000 won!

Luggage Storage and Delivery Service

If you are inconvenienced to carry your luggage or need to have space to save your things somewhere while staying in Korea,
we can store your things temporarily and can deliver your belongings to the airport, subway station, hotel or wherever you need.

All you have to do is just enjoy Korea!

  • For foreigners who leave Korea and want to have space to save your things somewhere, we can store your belongings temporarily until you come back.

  • Important: You need to specify the period in which you utilize the space. However, if you don’t come back at the date you specified, the owner of the storage house will throw it out. To prevent this action, you can wire money to the storage house owner if you have any delays.

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